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Program Requirements

Fulfilling the following requirements will guarantee students degree-seeking admission to UT upon completion of the Volunteer Bridge Program. However, completion of the Volunteer Bridge Program and fulfillment of all requirements does not guarantee admission into a specific degree program.

  • By the end of summer 2017, students must have completed a total of 30 transferable hours while in the Volunteer Bridge Program AND must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Students must register for 12 or more credit hours in both the fall and spring semesters. Students are encouraged to take coursework at UT in second summer session 2017; fall and spring coursework must be taken at PSCC. Summer 2017 coursework, if necessary to complete program requirements, can be taken at PSCC or another institution offering transferrable credit to UT.
  • Students with transitional ACT/SAT scores in English, reading, or math are strongly encouraged to satisfy transitional requirements before fall semester. Students can satisfy transitional requirements by taking a placement test and being placed out of transitional coursework (in accordance with PSCC policy) or by taking coursework over the summer at UT or elsewhere to satisfy transitional requirements. Students who choose to take summer coursework at UT can do so during second summer session and begin living in Morrill Hall at this time (or commute, if local). Students with transitional test scores should consult with Volunteer Bridge Program advising staff to determine the best way to satisfy transitional requirements prior to fall semester. Students who are accepted to the Volunteer Bridge Program with transitional test scores in English, reading, or math who do not satisfy transitional requirements prior to fall semester will be required to take non-transferrable learning support coursework at PSCC to satisfy traditional requirements. Learning support coursework does not count towards the 30 transferrable hours needed to satisfy Bridge Volunteer Program requirements.
    • Transitional scores are ACT sub-scores (or equivalent) below 19 in math and reading and below 18 in English. UT and PSCC consider a student’s highest sub-score across multiple tests, so students are encouraged to retake the ACT and/or SAT as necessary to achieve the highest possible sub-scores and composite super-score.
  • AP credits and/or dual enrollment credits will not count toward the 30 hours required for completion of the Volunteer Bridge program. They may, however, be used for placement into particular courses and credit at PSCC and UT. Students coming with college credit should be sure to have all records sent to PSCC and UT and to inform their adviser when planning each semester’s schedule.

Students who fail to meet Volunteer Bridge Program completion requirements by the end of summer 2017 will be removed from the program. Students who do not demonstrate sufficient forward academic progress or who fail to comply with program requirements and expectations during the program may be removed as well. Removed students are encouraged to continue their studies at PSCC or another institution and apply separately for transfer admission to UT when ready.

Note that students who leave the Volunteer Bridge Program for any reason can no longer live on the UT campus or participate in UT student services and activities.

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